Gift Guide for the Miller Swimmer in your Life!

As the Holidays near, more and more often we are seeing the trend of fewer toys, more experiences. Our hats are off to you mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, the cool aunt and uncle who provide extra special activities for their loved ones at Christmastime. As biased as we may be, we truly believe the gift of swimming lessons is a gift of life. Families are providing the opportunity for a lifelong learning experience that will provide swimmers with the skill they need to save their lives in the water (and that of those around them!)

Swim lessons begin as early as 4 months of age, and classes are available for all the way through 100 years (and EVERY age in between!). Gift certificates are the way to go when providing this invaluable experience for a family member. But let’s talk about some super fun ways to spruce up the gift itself!

Gift Set for the Infant/Toddler:

Swim Diaper + Tri Swim Kids Body Wash + Squigee







Gift set for the Young Fashionista

Scented or Glow in the Dark Jelly Bag + Wet Brush/Mirror + Silicone Bracelet or Jewel Hair Tie












Gift set for the Little Boy:

Swim Trunks + Goggles + Wet Bag







Gift set for the Mermaid

Boutique Swim Suit + Mermaid Fin + Mermaid Goggles + Little Mermaid Pool Toy







Gift set for the Swimmer with Sensitive Skin:

Tri-Swim Body Wash + Lotion set











Gift set for all ages:

  • Beach Towel
  • Character Swim Cap
  • Goggles
  • Swim Suit
  • Tshirt