Does Miller teach the ISR Survival Float?

We know there is more than one way to teach a child to swim.  However, we don’t endorse techniques that include letting go of babies on top of the water and allowing them to sink underwater if they don’t lie still. We understand that these well-meaning teachers are simply trying to protect these babies from drowning. Miller Swim School agrees that that steps must be taken to reduce drowning, the #1 reason for the accidental death of US children under the age of five.

At Miller, we promote a more gentle way for babies to survive in a swimming pool. We promote independent back floats as well as swim-float-swim and jumping in and turning back to the wall.

If you will give us your email address, we’ll send you a link to videos of Emler students performing these skills and testimonials of parents whose children have survived a water accident. 
You are also welcomed to register for our TURBO class. You can experience firsthand how swim lessons can make your baby safer AND be one of his or her fondest childhood memories.

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