Miller Swim School Offers FREE Water Safety Presentation

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At Miller Swim School, we’re committed to making sure kids in our community understand the importance of water safety — whether they’re learning these important life-saving skills through swimming lessons at one of our locations or taking part in one of our local safety talks. We believe water safety is one of the most important things you can teach your children!

When your kids are in preschool, chances are they had a visit from a firefighter to learn about fire safety, right? Well, Miller Swim School wants your kids to be exposed to the same type of informative learning about water safety. That’s why we’re excited to bring our FREE 30-minute water safety program to a school or organization near you for kids ages 2 to 10 years old.

Kids will learn from those experienced in the field: Our Miller Swim School instructors! They use games, stories, and learning activities to teach important water safety skills. Our instructors use these same techniques to teach water safety during swim lessons every single week, with extra emphasis during our Canoe and Clothesline Weeks – so they really know what they’re teaching!

And it’s necessary, water safety education is necessary and significant. Everyone is going to be around water, whether they go to the lake, the pool, or in the bath tub. Water Safety and Awareness is widespread.

We want all kids — and their parents — to be equipped to be able to handle potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations in and around the water. That’s why we’ll be handing out materials and information during these free water safety presentations.

Parents, let your child’s teachers, day-care professionals, community organizations and other groups that include young children know they can bring Miller Swim School instructors in for these FREE water safety presentations to benefit everyone!

We believe water safety should be an integral part of each child’s education. The more we can spread the news about how to be safe in and around the water, the higher potential we have of saving a life!

WHAT: Water Safety Presentation

FOR: Students ages 2 to 10

TIME: 15-30 minutes

WHERE: Your school, library, classroom or other organization


INFO: Call or Email Sarah at Miller Swim School- 918 254 1988,