For instant fun at your next party, just add water!

Our heated inside pools are a wonderful way to celebrate birthday parties without worrying about the unpredictable Tulsa weather. Swim with the kids or sit back and relax in our viewing area as the kids have fun. Don’t settle for just birthdays, celebrate other events with us such as end of the year school parties, end of season soccer, baseball, etc… and other club or school events.

Party Options

Parties at Miller are available on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and evenings. The party time is 2 hours total, divided between eating, presents, and swimming. Prices are based on swimmers in the pool including adults. Children ages two and under, count as one swimmer, with an adult.

Option #3   $375 for both Observation Room 1 and 2

30 Swimmers;  $12.50 per additional swimmer up to 40

Option #2    $195.00 for the Hippo Room, Observation Room 1 or Observation Room 2

15 swimmers; $13 per additional swimmer up to 20

Option #1     $130.00 for Fish Room

10 swimmers; $13 for each additional swimmer up to 15


Each Party Option includes;

Invitations with PARTY WAIVER

Lifeguards—Party Host
T-Shirt for the birthday child

1 Family Swim Pass for all the participating children


Please feel free to bring in cake, pizza, drinks, and decor! 

Private Parties

$470.00 includes both Observation Room 1 and 2, the Fish Room and private use of the pool (50 swimmers)


Invitations with PARTY WAIVER

 T-Shirt for the birthday child

 Family Swim Pass for all your party guests