You teach your children many things: How to cross the street, ride a bike and tie their shoes. But if you don’t know how to swim, they aren’t going to be able to learn this valuable life-saving skill from you.

So what’s a parent to do who doesn’t know how to swim? Here are some safety tips:

DON’T impart your fear on your kids.

Many parents are afraid of being in bodies of water where they can’t touch the bottom. Fear of water is a pretty common one, and generally deep-rooted – often stemming from an incident during childhood. Your fear is nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s important that you don’t unknowingly (and even knowingly) pass that fear along to your kids.

We know you don’t want your kids to grow up fearing the water. At Miller Swim School, you can rest assured that our instructors are highly trained to teach your kids about water safety during every single swim lesson – in addition to regular swim skills. We want all of our students to learn a healthy respect for the water, a love not a fear of it, but also to be able to establish boundaries of safety around it.

When you talk to your kids, share your personal experiences with them, let them know you aren’t comfortable in deep water because you weren’t taught how to properly stay safe in the water – but that by taking swimming lessons at Miller Swim School, your kids will learn all about water safety and how to swim.

DO take an adult swim class.

Or, you can always join the kids and learn for yourself. Overcoming a fear of the water may be easier said than done, but take a chance: For your kids and yourself.  It’s NEVER too late to learn to swim!

Even if you never really learned how to swim as a kid, you can still benefit from learning as an adult – especially if you’re a parent. Swimming is great exercise, a wonderful family activity and a nice way to de-stress.

But what if you’re afraid of being in deep water? It’s hard to think about letting your kids learn to swim and then actually letting them swim in the water when you don’t know how to swim yourself. What if your child wants to go in the deep end where neither of you can touch the bottom?

If YOU learn how to swim, you’ll feel more comfortable having your kids in the water. You’ll feel confident that you can not only handle yourself in the water, but you can keep your kids safe, too.

DO learn water safety tips

Even if you’re not comfortable swimming in the water, it’s important to know water safety tips (and teach them to your kids). Drowning is a real concern, and it doesn’t always look like it does in the movies, with arms flailing about. In reality, drowning is often silent. Learn how to recognize the signs of drowning, what to do to stay safe, and how to prevent dry drowning.

DO have water safety devices available

Whenever you go swimming, make sure there are water safety devices available – and know how to use them. Make sure your kids wear life vests in deep water, have a flotation device ready to use if needed, only swim where there is approved swimming, and have the kids swim where there is a lifeguard on duty or another adult swimming with them. Even if you’re not in the water with your kids, make sure someone else is.

DO always be aware

Kids are fast little fishes. They can get into things in no time before moms and dads even realize what they’re doing. If you’re somewhere around a pool or body of water, be aware that kids aren’t trying to get in the water without supervision. And when they are swimming, make sure to keep an eye on them. Designate a specific person to keep their eye on the water, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can always hire a certified lifeguard from us!

Keep kids safe in the water with Miller Swim School

Just because you don’t know how to swim doesn’t mean your kids can’t learn. Sign them up for swimming lessons at Miller Swim School and we will have them learning how to swim in no time – and maybe it will even make you want to learn, too!.