Registration and Tuition Policy

  • A non-refundable annual enrollment fee of $25 per family is due upon enrolling in the school year program.
  • Monthly tuition will be based upon the number of classes available in a calendar month.
  • The number of classes received in a monthly session will vary depending upon the day you are attending classes.
  • Each family must fill out the Policies and Procedures on the Parent Portal online before their first class.
  • A $30 fee will be charged for any returned checks.

Monthly tuition is due on the 15th of the month prior to the next month.  A $15 late fee is added on the 22nd of the month.  Failure to pay by the 25th will result in your child being dropped from the class.  New students will then be allowed to enroll and students who have been dropped will need to re-enroll into the next available class time.  Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card. Auto Pay options available and highly recommended.

 Cancellation and Refund Policy

We require that you notify us in writing should you choose to cancel lessons.  You may notify us in person by requesting a cancellation form, by email ( Notice of cancellation should be received no later than the 22nd of the month prior to lessons ending.

If you cancel class after the last day of the previous month or during a current month, no tuition will be refunded for that month.  Year and semester up front discounts will be forfeited when calculating refunds. Money retained on the account as a credit will not hold a spot; lessons will be canceled and will require re-enrollment to continue. 

Our program is a continuous program. Therefore once you have signed up for lessons, you will stay enrolled until you inform us you are discontinuing. There will be no refunds, please do not ask us to make any exceptions.

Please note: you are responsible for payment for your student’s classes whether or not your student attends class until the time you notify the staff via the withdrawal form. Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know he/she will no longer be attending class. 

Inclement Weather, Health Concerns, Emergency Evacuation Plan

Rarely are we closed due to weather.  In the event of snowy or icy roads, our decision to continue or cancel lessons will be based on current driving conditions. We will be alerting customers of emergency closures via email. IF a cell phone number is on file we will attempt to send a text alert, but we are prioritizing email for the communication. If we make the decision to cancel lessons students will receive a Make-up Moolah pass. If you have not heard from us, it is best to arrive. If you choose not to come to your lessons because of bad weather and we have not canceled, we will not reschedule the lesson.

  • Please remove all band-aids before entering the pool. Keep children’s nails trimmed.  Keep hair pulled back away from the face.
  • Information about health concerns your child may have.

In the event of an “accident” in the pool, i.e. bowel movement, vomit, etc., the pool will be evacuated.  The appropriate procedure for such an accident will be administered according to the OSHA regulations.  If the class cannot continue students will receive a Make-up Moolah pass.

Auto Pay Options

1. ACH – electronic check. Please provide a voided check. With this option you will receive a $2.00 discount on monthly tuition.
Discount will apply only to first person in the family enrolled in continuous lessons.
2. Monthly payment with Visa, MC, or Discover credit cards only-no debit cards. No tuition discount for use of credit card.

Missed Group Lessons

In order to maintain the integrity of our classes, both as to content and to size, we do not offer make-ups.  We have found that adding children to classes for make-ups disrupts the rhythm of the class.  Students who miss a group lesson will be given a “Make-up Moolah” pass which allows them to attend five family swims for free.  If a student is late to class 10 minutes or more without a call, the class may be forfeited.  If only one child in a group lesson is present, the class time will be reduced to 20 minutes.

Missed Private and Semi-Private Lessons

As a courtesy, we ask that you call to cancel a lesson you will not attend.  No make-up will be scheduled for no shows. If a student is late to a lesson 10 minutes or more without a call, the lesson may be forfeited and no make-up will be offered.  There will be a $10 charge for a make-up lesson canceled by you.

  • Make-ups must be scheduled through the front desk and must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed lesson.

We cannot guarantee the make-up lesson will be with the student’s regular instructor. Make-ups for a lesson canceled by us will be scheduled with the student’s regular instructor at no charge and must be scheduled through the front desk within 30 days of the missed lesson.  In the event of a teacher absence, we will provide a substitute.  If you prefer not to have a substitute, a make-up lesson with the child’s teacher can be arranged for the $10 charge.

Instructor Information

Since our lessons run consecutively there may not always be time before or after your student’s lesson to speak with the swim instructor. If you’re interested in communicating with the teacher, please stop by the deck podium and speak with the Supervisor.

We realize the importance of maintaining consistency of our swim instructors when working with our students.

We will do our very best to minimize staffing changes, but unfortunately, there may be times when your child’s instructor is not available. If an instructor is absent, we reserve the right to provide a substitute teacher without prior notice. Please be open minded about new instructors so that your student will be as well. All of our swim instructors are highly qualified and trained in the same curriculum.

You may request instructors, but again, it is not guaranteed that instructor will be available for that class at that time.

Our Curriculum  & Ribbon Weeks

Miller Swim School teaches our students more than just swimming—it teaches our students a foundation for life. Our curriculum, teacher treating and evaluation system are all designed to provide a total “Aquatic Education.” Our goal for all programs is to teach water safety and instill in students a love and respect for the water.

Every 6 weeks or so we have a formal evaluation period called “Ribbon Week.” Students receive Ribbons based on skills there have achieved within their level. Each level has 4 Ribbons and each Ribbon has 4 sub-skills.


 If your child moves up a level, it is your responsibility to make any necessary changes

September 15-21                       February 8-14

Oct 27-30 & Nov 7-9                    April 2-7

December 15-21                          May 14-19

Safety Weeks

Included in our school year program are two weeks of classes with a special emphasis on safety.

CLOTHESLINE WEEK: November 13-18.  This week students wear clothes over their swimsuits in the water.  They will learn what to do if they were to fall into water fully clothed or how to help someone else in a similar situation.

CANOE & PERSONAL SAFETY WEEK:  April 9-14M.  This week students will be taught safety while participating in water activities such as canoeing and boating.  Students will be instructed in the proper use of a lifejacket and will be taught skills to assist someone else in the water.  There will be a canoe in the pool during this week for students to experience hands-on learning.

Facility Rules

  • Enter and exit pool area through locker rooms. Family dressing rooms are located in the main hallway.
  • Children 5 years and older must go through their proper locker room.
  • Swimming attire: All swimmers need to be dressed in a swimsuit; cut-offs are not permitted. Students may use goggles in the lesson if desired. We would ask parents of Diaper Dolphins and Flippers to wear reasonably modest swimwear.
  • Babies and children not completely potty trained must wear a reusable swim diaper; disposable diapers and disposable swim diapers are not permitted in our pool. Reusable swim diapers are available year round to purchase in our pro shop
  • Parents are responsible for their children before, during and after lessons.
  • To avoid interrupting classes in session, parents are required to view lessons from the observation rooms provided. If you have a question, comment or concern that you would like to discuss with your child’s teacher, you are welcome to go out to the deck during the last 5 minutes of class.
  • Please respect others by silencing cell phones in the observation rooms. If you must make/receive a call, please do so outside of the observation rooms.
  • The following are strictly prohibited on Miller Swim School premises: Smoking ~ Alcohol ~ Profanity ~ Weapons
  • Please do not reserve dressing rooms ~ No glass containers on the pool deck ~ No pets allowed (other than service animals)

Important Dates

August 4 Classes Begin January 4 Classes Resume


       September 3-4 Closed for Labor Day        February 18 All School Swim Meet
       October 11-12 Closed for Conference      February 26-March 3 Pre-enroll for summer 2018
       November 13-18 Clothesline Week                March 19-24 Spring Break (no lessons)
       November 23-24 Closed for Thanksgiving               April 9-14 Canoe Week
       December  4-9 Santa Coming! April 1 Closed for Easter
       December 23-25 Closed for Christmas                April 23-28 Pre-enrollment for Fall 2018
       January 1 Closed for New Year’s                May 13 Closed for Mother’s Day
Summer enrollment open to everyone after March 4                May 19 Last day of school year session