As professional educators, our philosophy is that learning
to swim well should be a part of every student’s “education for life.”

School Year Program: Infants and Toddlers

Class Age Group
Diaper Dolphins 6 mo - 2 yrs + Info

Cost: $103 + $25 enrollment fee (6 lessons)

Age Group:  6 months-2 years of age

Scheduled upon availability. Classes meet one time per week for 6 weeks. 30-minute classes. Times vary by day, but are offered in the AM (9-11) and PM (3:30-7).

This is a great opportunity to introduce your baby to the joy and fun of the water in a lively group
setting. Specifically designed water toys, games, and songs are used to encourage participation in
a group setting. Our water is warm year round and the class provides a wonderful bonding
experience for you and your little one. Basic water safety skills are also introduced to parent and
child during this class.

Session 1:August 9-September 35

Session 2:September 20-November 6th

Session 3:November 3-December 21

Session 4:January 8-February 17

Session 5: February 19-April 7

Session 6: April 9- May 19

Already taken Diaper Dolphins? Click here to check out the next class, Flippers!


Flippers 6 mo-2 yrs + Info

$66/month + $25 enrollment fee (4, 30 minute lessons)
6 months-though 2 years of age (MUST HAVE COMPLETE DIAPER DOLPHIN CLASS)
scheduled upon availability
An extension of Diaper Dolphins for those children and a parent who want to continue the success they have already experienced. This class is for children ages 8 months through 2 years. A parent is in the water with the child, and they will build on the skills learned in Diaper Dolphins. This is a great bonding time for parent and child, and a fun way to keep you little one comfortable, and learning new skills in the water.


Minnows 2 Years of Age + Info

$71/month +$25 enrollment fee (4, 30-minute lessons), 3 students per class
2 years of age
Scheduled upon availability, supervisor recommendation required
A class for children ages 2 to 3 who have participated in Diaper Dolphins and are comfortable floating on their back and swimming out 2-3ft. The goal of the class is to get the children comfortable swimming with an instructor, making the transition to group lessons easier.


School Year Program: Ages 3 and up

Class Age Group
Group Lessons 3+ yrs + Info

$66/month + $25 enrollment fee (price includes 4, 30 minute lessons)—$5 off Discount for additional child/day
3+ years of age
Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm, 3pm-7:00pm, Saturday 9am-1:00pm (classes run in half hours) (scheduled upon enrollment)

Students are grouped by ability into levels 1-8 with a ratio if 4 students/instructor. The curriculum is based on a “progression” of a set of skills. Actual “strokes” are introduced in our Level 3. Students learn water safety, stroke technique, and basic survival skills. Two major water safety weeks are included in the curriculum one in the Fall and one in Spring.



Private/Semi Private Lessons 3+ yrs + Info

Private lessons:

PL2 = 20 minutes, $133/month +$25 enrollment fee

PL3= 30 minutes, $200/month + $25 enrollment fee

Semi-Private Lessons = $112/month/student + $25 enrollment fee (price based on 4, 30 minute lessons)
Scheduled upon request
Private and semi-private lessons are available for children age 2 through adult.



School Year Program: Adults

Class Age Group
Adult Swim Class 15+ yrs + Info

Cost: $132, 8-week course

Wednesdays: 7:30-8:15pm OR Saturdays: 1:00-1:45pm

Session 1: August 16-October 4 (Wed)     August 19-October 7th (Sat)

Session 2: October 18-December 13 (no class Nov 22) (Wed)        October 21-December 16 (Sat)

Session 3: January 10-February 28 (Wed)        January 13-March 3(Sat)

Session 4: March 28-May 16     March 31-May 19th (Sat)

This is a group class where students are grouped by ability/goal. No previous skills required.

Instructors are able to work students at various skill levels.

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Lap Swimming All ages + Info

Cost: $33/month

Times:  Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-9:00am

Open pool time for water walking, deep water exercise, water running or lap swimming.

Water Aerobics All Ages + Info

Cost: $50 for a 12 class punch card, TRY FIRST CLASS FREE!

Benefits those who enjoy water walking, deep water exercise, zumba, and a supportive class community

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00-9:00am

Participation in a water aerobics class improves flexibility, reduces stiffness, aids in balance, helps to lower blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as builds muscle strength and burns calories!


Swim Team and Lifeguarding

Class Age Group
Junior Swim Team 6+ yrs + Info

$36/month + $25 enrollment fee
6+ years of age (must be currently enrolled in our level 4 class)
Friday 6:00-6:45pm AND 6:45-7:30 pm
This is for students who want to “try out” swim team or are really too young/small to practice a full hour 2 days a week. They will still have the opportunity to compete with the swim team at their club meets. Jr Swim Team participants MUST BE CONCURRENTLY enrolled in a group lesson to ensure they are receiving adequate stroke instruction/preparation as possible.

Swim Team 6+ yrs + Info

Cost: $66/month +$25 enrollment fee (price includes 2 days/week of practice)

Age group: 6+ (must have completed level 5)

Times: Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:30pm OR Mon/Tues/Thurs 7:30-8:30pm and/or Saturday 8:00-9:00am

A club swim team is available for swimmers who are ready to take their swimming skills to another level. Participants have the opportunity to swim in local Club meets. Practices are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday

A third practice may be added as a 3rd day for an addition $30 a month.

No Second Child Discount will be offered for Swim Team

Lifeguard Prep Class 15+ yrs + Info

Lifeguard Prep Class

Cost: $35/ lesson

Age Group: 15+ years of age

A) Scheduled upon request and availability

B) Semi-private lesson to help students gain the skills to pass the Lifeguarding Pre-Test. Able to work on a specific section of the pre-test upon request

Lifeguard 15+ yrs + Info

NOW OFFERING BLENDED LEARNING CLASSES!! COST: $200                                                                                      **LOOKING FOR TRADITIONAL CLASSES?? SCROLL DOWN!!**

The American Red Cross Lifeguard blended program trains lifeguards to act with speed and confidence in emergency situations both in and out of the water.  It combines online learning with onsite sessions conducted by a Red Cross-certified instructor.

Online learning allows students to complete lessons when and where they want, while onsite time focuses on the practice of lifesaving skills. Students arrive onsite already familiar with the skills that will be practiced there. The class is comprised of 7 hours, 25 minutes of online pre-work and 11 hours, 10 minutes of in class

To Register:

  2. Register for the class dates you want and Pay for the class in full ($200)
  3. Sign up for your pre-test


-Tread water for 2 minutes (using only the legs)
- Swim 300 yards continuously, using Freestyle and Breaststroke, demonstrating breath control stroke proficiency and rhythmic breathing
- Timed brick retrieval ( 1min 40 seconds)

Cancellation policy: $50 is NON REFUNDABLE if class is cancelled or if candidate is unable to perform pre-requisite skills.

2017-2018 Blended Class Schedule:

Blended Class 1: February 23rd & 25th

Friday: 6-10pm, Sunday: 9-2pm

Blended Class 2: March 16th & 18th

Friday: 6-10pm, Sunday 9-2pm

Blended Class 3: March 19th & 20th

Monday, Tuesday: 9-4pm

Blended Class 4: March 21st & 22nd

          Wednesday, Thursday: 9-4pm

Blended Class 5: April 6th & 8th

         Friday: 6-10pm, Sunday: 9-2pm

Blended Class 6: April 13th & 15th

          Friday: 6-10pm, Sunday: 9-2pm

Blended Class 7: May 4th & 6th

        Friday: 6-10pm, Sunday: 9-2pm

Blended Class 8: May 18th & 20th

         Friday: 6-10pm, Sunday: 9-2pm

Blended Class 9: May 21st & 22nd

           Monday, Tuesday: 8-4pm

Blended Class 10: May 23rd & 24th

          Wednesday, Thursday: 8-4pm

Blended Class 11: May 29th & 30th

               Tuesday, Wednesday: 8-4pm

Blended Class 12:  May 31st, June 1st

        Thursday, Friday: 8-4pm

Blended Class 13: June 1st, 3rd

            Friday: 5-10pm, Saturday: 9-2pm





Age Group: 15+ years of age

Candidates must be at least 15 years of age by the LAST day of the course—they cannot, however,
be hired to work as a lifeguard until they are 16. Candidates must pass a PRE TEST, prior to the
first day of the course. The class is scheduled for 25.2 hours and includes lecture, demonstration,
as well as land AND water activities. Upon completion each Lifeguard Candidate will receive the
following certifications: Lifeguard, First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Automated
External Defibrillation and Prevention of Disease Transmission. Candidates will receive a rescue
breathing mask for use during and after the class. The Lifeguarding book may be downloaded or
checked out each night from Miller Swim School.

Lifeguard Class Waiver


-Tread water for 2 minutes (using only the legs)
- Swim 300 yards continuously, using Freestyle and Breaststroke, demonstrating breath control stroke proficiency and rhythmic breathing
- Timed brick retrieval ( 1min 40 seconds)

Cancellation policy: $50 is NON REFUNDABLE if class is cancelled or if candidate is unable to perform pre-requisite skills.

2017-2018 Traditional Class Dates:

Traditional Class 1: December 26th-29th

Tuesday-Friday: 9am-2pm

Traditional Class 2: March 2-4, 9th & 11th

Fri, Sat,  Sun, Fri, Sun

Traditional Class 3: March 19th-22nd

Monday-Thurs: 9am-4pm

Traditional Class 4: April 20-22 & 27, 29

            Friday, Sat, Sun & Fri, Sun

Traditional Class 5: May 21-24th

               Monday-Thursday 6-10 PM

Traditional Class 6: May 29-June 1st

               Tuesday-Friday 9-4pm