We know how busy families become in the Summer, those longer sunny days seem to get crammed so full of play dates, VBS, overnight camps and many other things that you don’t think you can squeeze in any other activity.

But just as you bring home math and reading workbooks so your kiddos can maintain the skills they learned throughout the school year and hopefully enter into the new school year better prepared, we look at swimming lessons the same way!  In order to maintain (and grow!) the progress made the past 9 months in swim class, your child needs to consistently practice the skills they have been learning all year long. In fact, it presents a few benefits for you and the kids! Here are 5 Reasons to Sign up for Swimming Lessons:

  1. It gives your kids a schedule.

This benefits the kids and you, Mom! Summer is great for adopting a temporary change of schedule! Keeping an activity or two on the schedule helps your kids know what they’re doing each week and gives them something to look forward to.

  1. There’s more time to practice new skills outdoors.

Chances are you and the kids will be heading to the lake, a beach or a pool this summer. That’s actually a perfect pairing with swimming lessons at Miller Swim School, because your kids will be able to practice and improve upon those extraordinary results they’ll be seeing during their weekly swim lessons. And we all know that getting better is about practicing as much as possible – since repetition is key when learning any new skill.

  1. You can feed upon their natural desire to get in the water.

In summer, kids flock to the water. Even if your daughter only dips her toes in or splashes around up to her ankles, she still wants to be in the water. So why not capitalize on that desire and enthusiasm and enroll her in swimming lessons? And, even if your child is comfortable in the water, they will still benefit greatly, from learning how to swim at Miller by becoming more confident and stronger swimmers. Our instructors use fun teaching tools, games, and songs to help make learning to swim fun! Help your child be the best he or she can be!

  1. It helps keep kids safe around water.

Did you know that approximately 830 children age 14 and under drown every year? Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional deaths in children 1-14 years of age, and for children less than a year old it’s the 3rd leading cause of death. Did you catch that…unintentional? In other words, drownings CAN be prevented! Keep your children in swim lessons until you are 100% positive they would be able to get themselves out of any kind of incidence or situation in or around the water. Learning to swim is the only skill that could save your child’s life!

  1. Keep on progressing.

Not only will staying in swim lessons all summer ensure your little swimmer doesn’t backtrack, it will help them to continue to grow as a swimmer! All summer, they’ll continue learning how to properly perform the strokes and breathing techniques taught in class as well as have a weekly reminder of water safety skills! Classes as little as one time per week are important especially for those swimmers who will be mainly “playing” in the pool/lake this summer! It is so easy to lose sight of technique and safety, for fun!