Wrens Water Journey Pt 2: Why I am Choosing Diaper Dolphins for My Daughter

I recently read an article in my monthly edition of American Baby magazine called “Let the Games Begin!” The premise of the article was the means by which babies learn, surprisingly, through play. Dynamic games and songs helps babies develop physically, emotionally and intellectually, all the while I get to enjoy the laughter and smiles of my baby girl.

Child development theorist, John Dewey, suggests that children learn best by both physical and intellectual activity; meaning that, children need to take an active role in playing games or participating in songs that have motions along with the lyrics. During this type of play children are able to try new things, solve problems, invent, create, test ideas and explore.

Playing games such as Peekaboo, and Copy Cat, and singing songs like Humpty Dumpty and Wheels on the Bus are some of the ways that Wren and I play throughout her day. Who could have imagined that a silly game like Peekaboo teaches object permanence and sequencing, and songs like Wheels on the Bus hasten babies language development by teaching new words, boosts hand eye coordination and improves motor skills.

So when it came time to choose how I would teach my daughter new skills, such as swimming, I chose to teach her through play.

The Diaper Dolphins class is not only going to be a fun daddy-daughter bonding time (yes my daddy, not mommy, is getting in the pool!), but it is totally based on “learning through play” activities. Songs and games are associated with each new skill – “I’m a little Tea Pot” teaches front and back float, “Humpty Dumpty” teaches jumping into the pool and games like “Red Rover” introduce children to swimming from parent to teacher. Moreover, Daddy will be educated on how to keep our daughter safe around water in the house, pool, and lake. Most importantly, by choosing the Diaper Dolphins class, Wren will have a positive first experience with the water, and will have the opportunity to maximize learning through play, the way that she best learns.
wren new suit

Wren backfloat