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“Miller Swim School has been an important part of our families’ life for two generations. We started with Larry and Rita Miller as instructors back in about 1972 when our son , Brad, was 3 years old. When our daughter, Angie, was in diapers, she started swim lessons.Now Brad and Angie are both married and have two children each (our four grandchildren, Nathan and Corina; and Max and Joey). Both Nathan and Corina completed through Level 8 at Miller. Max and Joey, who are both 10 years old now, are in Level 6 at Miller currently. Joey is a member of the Jenks Swim Team and has been competing for over a year.

What started with us as parents wanting to provide swimming safety for our children has developed into an activity for both our two children and our four grandchildren that they have enjoyed, they have done very well with and have come to love this “sport”, thanks to Miller Swim School. The personal growth these kids have gained at Miller Swim School is phenomenal. Swimming has been a valuable skill for them to learn confidence in their abilities and apply those skills in individual and different ways.

The instruction they have received has been professional and fun for our kids and grandkids. The time and money has been well spent throughout these many years. The instructors at Miller are kind and gentle as they teach the “right” methods so kids learn the strokes correctly and can become strong swimmers, whether for safety, for pleasure, for competition, or for learning to save another person’s life through Life Guarding. The ribbons they receive are based on achievement of skill levels passed with proficiency and are well earned by the swimmers that receive them. When the child receives a ribbon, it is something to be very proud that they have worked hard to achieve.

Kudos to Miller Swim School after 50+ years and going strong today helping our babies be safe in and around the water.”

-Rosemary and Rick

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“Annabelle Partin is a 4-year old and was in Ms. Glynda’s level 2 last spring. During Easter, she accidentally fell into a pool, turned around and swam to the side and climbed out. Her Easter dress got wet – but she saved her life! We are all so thrilled!”


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“My granddaughter recently enrolled in Miller Swim School. She has already been involved in swimming competition, but needed to keep up the practice while school is out. I took her to her first class a little over a week ago. Having been a lifeguard for several years and an instructor for several different age groups, I was very interested in the techniques used at Miller. I WAS IMPRESSED!

Watching the different age groups with their instructors, I saw a great deal of patience, imagination and care involved with each group. A lot of thought has been involved in dealing with a child’s initial fear of water and breath control. Your instructors are totally focused on their individual groups and they are making the entire event fun for the children. I am now enrolling one of my grandsons in classes at Miller.

Keep up the good work…”

-Mrs. Noreen

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“We have two children at Miller Swim School and highly recommend it to anybody interested in learning or improving their swimming skills. Our oldest son is 9 and has been taking lessons at Miller Swim School for most of those 9 years. He is now doing strokes neither of his parents is able to do. Through his lessons at Miller, he is confident when he is in or around water, which makes us much more comfortable and confident about his safety. We are certain our 2-year-old who has been taking lessons for over a year will find the same success with the help of Miller Swim School’s excellent staff and instructors.”

-Larry & Valerie

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“The Diaper Dolphin classes are great. I have 2 children currently enrolled at Miller. One has been through both the Diaper Dolphin and Flipper classes, and the other is currently enrolled in Flippers. My daughter who is three is swimming across the pool. Not only has she gotten a jump on swimming skills, she loved every moment of the baby class. She enjoyed the great teachers, games, and the fun-filled skill enhancing methods used by Miller Swim School. My son, who is one and a half, loves his class and has found he has no fear of the water.”

-Very Happy Parent of 2 Swimmers

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“I was sold the first lesson my son had. He looks forward to coming to class every single week!”


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“My son loves his swimming lessons here. He has completed Diaper Dolphins as a toddler, took private lessons and now is in group classes. The instructors are great with the kids and I see improvements each week. I like the focus on survival in the water, which makes me feel more comfortable around our farm ponds and our frequent visits back to my hometown beach. I hope to keep him swimming for the years to come.”


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“We do not start our Diaper Dolphins class until January. They were very helpful getting us set at a time that would work for us. There were a lot of choices of days and times that should accommodate anyone. The class is six consecutive weeks and we really look forward to getting started.”


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“Wonderful customer service!”


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