Why doesn’t Miller offer Trial Classes?

Many moons ago, Miller tried to incorporate Trial Lessons into our program. It was an opportunity for parents to see how their children fit into our swim lessons. We found Trial Lessons to not be a good fit for our instructors or our swimmers.

Here are the difficulties we discovered with Trial Lessons.

  1. One lesson was not enough time for the child to bond with a new teacher. The trial student rarely gained enough comfort in 30 minutes to be his best.
  2. The regular students in the class intimidated the trial student. The skills of the regular students were already accelerated past what the trial student could do. This increased the trial student’s discomfort in swim class.
  3. The class routine could be disrupted by a “guest” student in a Trial Lesson. The visitor could require too much attention from the teacher, which resulted in a less successful lesson for the regular students.

In short, we discovered that Trial Lessons do not benefit most students.

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